My Robot Kills Update

My collaboration with My Robot Kills has ended, but in a very short amount of time, we produced eight great tracks. In addition to the three that were produced before my involvement, I'm very happy to say that there is…

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Current projects

  • Super secret rock and roll project. All remote recorded. Super rad old school 80s style rock and roll. Reminds me of The Cars, without all those pesky synthesizers.
  • Spanish Guitar album - all electric, all re-arranged
  • Quarantine EP - five…
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NEW ALBUM: "Achilles XXI"

Nine tracks of instrumetal -- some slow; some fast; some melodic; some decidedly not so.

  1. Achilles XXI
  2. Bend Sinister
  3. Iphigenia
  4. The Doppelganger
  5. Palms to the Victor
  6. A Swordmaster of the Ginaz
  7. Visigothic Dance Party
  8. Behind His Pallid Mask
  9. Laura Palmer's
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Music Editor for the Big Sur Fashion Show

I was thrilled to be a part of the 2018 Big Sur Fashion Show this year, even though I couldn't physically be there in person (which killed me!--since my wife, the fabulous Beverly Van Pelt, is this year's Creative…

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BOG IRON 10th Anniversary Show!

BOG IRON, the Celtic rock band I co-founded with John Michael back in 2008 (actually we started rehearsing in 2007) is celebrating its 10th anniversary THIS St. Patrick's Day at The Sand Bar in Capitola!



Martin for Judge 2018

My old high school friend Brandon Martin is running for Kern County Superior Court Judge! I worked on a song for him and his campaign, and also created a launch video to announce my endorsement of Brandon for his 2018…

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New Music!

Been a while since I posted here...but in that time I've released two albums of new music!


ONE: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - this is the score that I wrote for the summer production at Paper Wing Theatre…

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Launch Day I've successfully migrated my website over from SquareSpace. Oh...who am I kidding? I did no such thing. I just burned down the old one and recreated this one entirely anew. Regardless, look for brand new content--including my new EP…

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